Wedding Favours

Spread The Love Jam Jar Favours
£1.95 each
£2.75 with place card tag

Limoncello Liqueur Bottles Favours
£3.95 each including personalised place setting tag

Jam Jar Sweetie Favours with Fabric Tops
£2.95 each including place setting tag, lots of different sweets available

Chocolate Button Jar Favours
£1.75 each
£2.50 with place card tag

Striped Sweet Bag Wedding Favours
£1.95 each in any colour!

Vintage Doily Sweet Bag Favours
£2.50 each filled with swizzle mix, any colour ribbons!

Cath Kidston Jam Jar Favours
£2.50 each or £3.50 each with place setting tag – Any flavour jam!

Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie Favours
£2.50 each – Two cookies per bag, any colour ribbons!

Hangover Kit Wedding Favours
£5 each including water, sweets, mints and paracetamol

Mr & Mrs Shortbread Biscuit Favours
£2.50 each with tag

Drink Me Favour Tags
Any ribbon and ink colours
20p each